Jewellery stolen

Jewellery stolen

NASHIK: A 70-year-old woman’s gold necklace was stolen on Monday noon while she was travelling from Nashik CBS to Makkmalabad Road in an auto rickshaw. A case has been registered in Sarkawada Police Station regarding the same. On Monday afternoon, the victim boarded an auto rickshaw heading towards Makkmalabad Road from Nashik CBS around 2:30 p.m. Three passengers (two females and one male)were already present inside the rickshaw when she got into the rickshaw.

However, as four people couldn’t fit in the auto, the auto driver dropped off the victim at Ashok Stambh. In the meantime, somebody in the auto rickshaw stole her four-pound gold necklace kept in her bag. After reaching home, the victim realised in the evening that her gold necklace is missing. Thus, she rushed to the Sarkarwada Police Station and narrated the incident.

Police have registered a case in this regard, and further investigation is underway. The police are now investigating whether the three passengers and auto rickshaw driver conspired of this theft in advance. The rising crimes in the city like bike thefts, murder, and looting of gold jewellery have created a tense situation among citizens.

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