It’s a bumpy ride on city roads

It’s a bumpy ride on city roads

NASHIK: With proper repair works delayed for up to a year, dilapidated roads dotted with huge potholes have become the ground reality of the city. Due to incessant rains for the past few days, almost all the main squares and roads in the city have surfaced with a large number of potholes.

Although the rain had taken a break yesterday, the municipal administration at this juncture needs to focus on filling the potholes and also asphalting. This will reduce the suffering of Nashikites. It is surprising that there are a large number of potholes in the square outside the municipal headquarters.

About 15,000 potholes on the roads in the city area were filled on behalf of the Nashik Municipal Corporation before the Ganeshotsav, but due to the heavy rains again, there are a large number of potholes surfaced on the city roads.

Due to this, the works of the municipal corporation have been washed away and now the citizens have demanded that the municipal corporation should take up the campaign to fill the potholes again.

Meanwhile, due to the rains, potholes have surfaced on almost all the roads in the city. At present, due to the administrative rule in the municipal corporation, the contractors are constantly taking action to fill the potholes.

There are about 45 roads in the city where the contractors have constructed the roads, but after the construction, the respective contractors are responsible for its maintenance for three years, so as these 45 roads are in the same liability period, the municipality is filling the potholes through the contractors.

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