Irregular bus timings a cause of concern

Irregular bus timings a cause of concern

NASHIK: Citilinc buses from Pimpalgaon Baswant /Wani Chaufuli to C.B.S, Sukena to C.B.S and from Ozar to Nashik Road are in desperate need of better time management. Fewer buses are covering these routes during peak hours compared to wee hours.

“We understand people’s grievances. However, as Ozar, Pimpalgaon Baswant, and Sukena do not have bus accommodation, we cannot extend the bus timings from these spots to Nashik. If the bus timings are extended, then we have to bear the expense of the return journey of the bus to the accommodation in Nashik. However, if a letter is submitted regarding the time extension of the bus with at least twenty signatures, we can consider extending the timings of the bus."

- Citilinc official

Limited Citilinc buses

The limited Citilinc buses from Nimani and Tapovan to Bhagur during nighttime is also a cause of concern for various citizens. Many passengers, including school, college students, and people who work are dissatisfied with the timings. Many of them had requested that the timing should be changed to accommodate their needs.

The last bus from Nimani to Bhagur is at 7:00 pm (129A) and 07:30 pm (130 A), which is not suitable for many passengers on that route. As many passengers leave their office post 08:00 pm, they need to look for autos and taxis, which are comparatively costlier.

“We can start late night buses or buses according to the passenger demand, but we don’t get the required response. We have to pay Rs 75 per kilometre to Nashik Municipal Corporation, and if we don’t get the required number of passengers at night, we suffer losses. If we start night trips to Bhagur, we need accommodation for drivers and conductors, and a bus shelter. We have provided this service to many nearby locations in Nashik, who coordinated with us as needed."

- Citilinc Official

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