Ironman : The journey of proving to oneself

Ironman : The journey of proving to oneself

NASHIK: Ironman was none other than a competition with myself. I won this difficult world-class event with a strong determination of not to quit the race in mid and just concentrate on completing the race in a given time. I achieved this great feat on my mental strength, said Dr Ravinder Kumar Singal, while the winners of the Ironman stated that they took inspiration from Dr Singal to win the Ironman title.

Dr Singal was interacting with the participants at the special edition of Deshdoot Samwad Katta held yesterday.
The panel in the discussion comprised of four Nashikites who had participated in the Ironman World Championships held at Busselton in Australia, namely, Prashant Dabri, Mahendra Chhoriya, Dr Arun Gachale and Kishor Ghumare besides Dr Ravindar Kumar Singal. Executive editor of Deshdoot Times Dr Vaishali Balajiwale conducted the discussion.

Based on a theme ‘Journey of Nashik’s Ironmen’, the participants narrated and shared their experiences about the widely known and one of the most difficult triathlon — Ironman World Championships. Nashik has given eight Ironman to the world and in times to come, these numbers will for sure double, said Dr Ravinder Kumar Singal, the last year’s champion while sharing his experiences.

Four Nashikites, Prashant Dabri, Mahendra Chhoriya, Dr Arun Gachale and member of Nashik Cyclists Foundation Kishor Ghumare have achieved great feat in their maiden attempt to complete the triathlon in record time to make Nashikites feel proud.

Kishore Ghumare clocked 15 hours, 11 minutes and 22 seconds to finish the race, Prashant Dabri clocked 16:20:33, Mahendra Chhoriya clocked 16:20:41 and Dr Arun Gachale took 16:56:09 time to finish the triathlon held in different categories of swimming, bicycle ride and run race.

Underlining discipline and consistency as the key factors, Dr Gachale shared his experiences saying that he never gave up and at the last moment finished the race before the scheduled time by taking just 45 seconds to complete a 4-km distance.

Other participants Kishor Ghumare, Prashant Dabri and Mahendra Chhoriya who had successfully completed 2018 Ironman championships held at Kolhapur also shared their unforgettable experiences by giving credit for their hard-fought success to the consistent support of their friends, trainers and family members including last year’s finisher Dr Singal.

If you needed the inspiration and motivation to believe anyone can do this if they set their mind to it, these 5 individual’s stories are bound to do you a solid.

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