Int’l Yoga Day celebrated with utmost enthusiasm

Int’l Yoga Day celebrated with utmost enthusiasm

NASHIK: International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21st June to create awareness about the importance of yoga. While yoga helps in improving flexibility and core strength, it also helps one attain mental peace. It is also playing an efficient role in the psychosocial care of Covid-19 patients and recovery. It helps to reduce one’s fear and anxiety. From fitness enthusiasts to celebrities, everyone swears by yoga and its efficient results.

Every year, people gather in huge numbers to celebrate this day. However, for the past two years, people are celebrating this day in small groups or online due to the pandemic. This year, everyone stormed social media with their pictures while doing yogasanas and wished each other on the special day. Some even posted videos on social media showcasing their skills and determination.

Many hosted online sessions and took online classes to celebrated Yoga Day. While some chose social media, others opted to meet in small groups under the clear sky to celebrate the day. Some call yoga a tap into one’s soul, while others call it a way of life. Either way, yoga is known for shaping individuals and their mindfulness.

“Not a single day passes by when I don’t do yoga. Even if I am getting late, I will still practice it because it fuels me to work throughout the day. I overthink less and work more whenever I meditate in the morning. I exercise in the evening and do yoga in the morning. I can skip my exercise session but not yoga. All the yogasanas are so powerful and relaxing at the same time.” - Tarini Tamarakar

“I used to see many people who practice these yogasanas but never tried it. I joined ‘Art-of-living’ but didn’t even attend it for a week. I couldn’t really sit in one place and concentrate. However, last year, I started doing yoga amid the pandemic. Since then, there’s been no turning back. Everyone should practice yoga for a better life.” - Sophia Francis

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