Injured owl rescued in Igatpuri

Injured owl rescued in Igatpuri

NASHIK: An injured owl was rescued today morning in the Athachal area of Igatpuri after it fell on the ground, thus injuring its eyes and wings. After giving it first aid, the bird rescuer handed it to the forest department.

Due to the scorching heat, birds flock to various areas in search of water. Similarly, while searching for water, an owl fell near Jadhav’s house in the Athachal area and received bruises on its eyes and wings. As the wings got injured, he wasn’t able to fly.

Locals immediately reported the incident to NCP’s district vice president, bird and snake rescuer Mahesh Shirole through a phone call. He rushed to the spot immediately, gave it first aid, and provided water to the injured.

Further, Shirole handed it into the custody of the forest department. It was admitted to a veterinary hospital and received proper treatment for the wounds. The healing owl is now under the supervision of the forest department.

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