Indian rat snake rescued

Under observation with Eco Echo Foundation
Indian rat snake rescued

NASHIK: A five-foot Indian rat snake, commonly known as dhaman, was rescued on Monday afternoon by a snake rescuer Shyam Wankhende in Wadivarhe. The snake was stuck in an iron pipe, and the pipe was posing a threat to the snake’s life. Wankhede brought the snake to Eco Echo Foundation members for treatment as any delay would’ve cost the snake its life.

As stated by Abhijeet Mahale, Eco Echo Foundation member, the snake got trapped in a metal pipe and became immobile. Nashik West Forest Department Range Forest Officer Vivek Bhadane and members of the foundation worked together to save the snake’s life. The members used proper equipment and techniques to remove the snake from the pipe unharmed. With the help of a lubricant, they successfully rescued the snake. The dhaman is currently under observation with the foundation. While disposing of waste, it is one’s responsibility to segregate waste and prevent harming nature and wildlife.

Dhaman snake- a farmer’s friend

Pytos mucosa, also known as oriental snake, Indian rat snake, dharash, or dhaman, is a common non-venomous snake species of colubrid snake found in the various parts of South and Southeast Asia. Often known as a farmer’s friend, these snakes keep the rodents away from the field and thus, protect the farmers’ crops. Some of the well-known rodents like mice, rats, squirrels, and others shall stay off the field if a dhaman is present in proximity. Even the urban settlements remain free of rats due to the presence of these snakes. Even though they are harmless to human beings, they may defend their turf aggressively, attempting to startle or strike at moving objects.

Waste management

Inappropriate waste management often poses a threat to animals’ life. Be it birds who end up eating plastic pieces or get killed due to the nylon manjha, our actions pose a threat to these innocent creatures’ lives. As humans, it is our responsibility to take care of flora and fauna to maintain the ecosystem. Even in water bodies, the untreated waste from industries hampers marine life and becomes a major cause of their death. Improper waste management not only hampers the animals’ and birds’ life but also contaminate the soil, thus even hampering human beings’ health adversely.

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