Increase in motorcycle theft in March

Increase in motorcycle theft in March

NASHIK: In just 12 days of the month, motorcycle theft has increased  in the city. The police also seem to have succeeded in catching the suspected criminals and confiscating the vehicles from them.

As many as 23 motorcycles were stolen from Nashik city till March 12 within the limits of various police stations in Nashik city and one four-wheeler was stolen.

Besides, burglary took place in 11 places and robbery in 11 places. Motor accidents have occurred in 9 places. The number of deaths in the accident was three. Incidents that led to the death of another due to negligence of the driver took place in two places.

Motorcycle thefts are increasing in the city. Within just 12 days the graph of such thefts seemed raising. Motorcycle theft is bigger challenge in front of  police currently in the city.

  • Sarkarwada police arrested three suspects from Aurangabad who were directly involved in the murder of Kapdanis father and son.

  • Ambad police arrested a suspect who stole cash worth lakhs of rupees in just three hours.

  • Ambad police recovered the stolen goods worth Rs. 6.53 lakh by single evidence of wrapping paper.

  • Ambad police handed over Rs 8 lakh to the complainants.

  • Gangapur police arrested a former recovery agent of a finance company and seized 20 motorcycles from him.

  • Adgaon police arrested absconding suspects from Uttar Pradesh who were preparing for a robbery.

  • Adgaon police confiscated 11 stolen mobile phones and arrested one.

  • Panchavati police nabbed rickshaw, two-wheeler and burglary suspects and seized goods and vehicles.

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