Illegal parking, encroachment cause traffic congestion at Shalimar Chowk
Deshdoot Times

Illegal parking, encroachment cause traffic congestion at Shalimar Chowk

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik: Though road at Shalimar Chowk in Nashik city is broad, Nashikites have to face traffic congestion due to the presence of a large number of auto rickshaws and encroachment by hawkers. Routes heading to Main Road, Nashik Road, CBS and Mahatma Gandhi Road pass through this Chowk.

In addition, there is a rush of buyers to buy various items. Huge rush in the evening has also led to traffic chaos there. As there are around 4-5 bus halts to head to Nashik Road railway station, Bhagur and Upnagar, there is a rush of passengers 24X7.

In addition, auto rickshaw drivers are parking their rickshaws waywardly in the Chowk. They halt their rickshaws in the middle of the road to get passengers. As a result, there is no space available for city bus and passengers to move.

One-way traffic is allowed on the route heading to Shivaji Road, but auto rickshaw drivers are driving their vehicles from the reverse side, causing hurdle to traffic. Encroachment by hawkers and vendors has also resulted in traffic chaos there.

Centre of agitation
As the head office of Shiv Sena is at Shalimar Chowk, most agitations and celebrations by the party are held in the Chowk itself. As Shiv Sena activists park their vehicles on the road every time, it is difficult for other vehicles to pass through there. The traffic in Shalimar comes to a halt during every agitation or march.