Illegal hacking of trees at Salher

Illegal hacking of trees at Salher

NASHIK: Illegal cutting of trees has been observed in the western part of Baglan taluka, on the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat. The incident took place in the Salher fort area, which is an attraction for tourists and mountaineers from Maharashtra. The forest department has an office in the footsteps of Salher fort and has set up a nature reserve centre for tourists at this place.

Despite this, the forest department has shown negligence while intruders trying to smuggle forests wood in the area. This is causing an angry reaction among tourists as well as nature lovers. The area around Salher fort should be developed to increase the number of tourists and provide employment. Tourists are already expressing their displeasure over the deforestation in the area.

At the foothills of the fort is the ancient temple of Bhavani Mata and the remains of the settlement of that time. At the foot of the fort, there are huge mango trees. But due to illegal logging, the forest resources in the area are on the verge of extinction due to the inaction of the forest department. It is a remote area on the border of two states. Deforestation is also common in the entire tribal area as firewood is widely used for cooking.

The historic Salher, Mulher fort area has a large number of heritage trees and if these trees continue to be looted, it will not take long for the area to become barren land, expressed nature and mountain lovers. It is the responsibility of the forest department, along with locals to preserve this heritage. Congress Corporator Rahul Patil has warned of an agitation if the forest department does not take immediate notice of this.

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