Igatpuri records 1,115 mm rainfall in 18 days

Rains continue to lash the tehsil
Igatpuri records 1,115 mm rainfall in 18 days
Igatpuri records 1,115 mm rainfall in 18 days


The dry patch has been over in the Cherapunji of Maharashtra, the Igatpuri tehsil. From last 15 days the tehsil is receiving heavy to very heavy rains.

The constant rains have resulted into record breaking rainfall of 1,115 mm in just 18 days. The tehsil has already received 112 percent of the monthly rainfall average of August and rains are continuing to lash the tehsil.

The Igatpuri tehsil received dry patch for almost two months of June and July. Farmers were really worried for their crops.

Month of July not even received the monthly average rainfall. But, in august from starting itself, the tehsil received heavy rains. In just 18 days of August 1,115 mm of rainfall has been received.

Tehsil of Igatpuri has received 2632 mm rainfall from June 1 to August 18. Last year, the whole country received rains more than the average seasonal rains. Similarly, Igatpuri too received heavy rains last year. Till August 18 the tehsil had received a whooping 4209 mm rainfall.

The tehsil receives average seasonal rainfall of 3058 mm every year. This year with 2632 mm rainfall,tehsil has already received 86 percent of its average seasonal rainfall.

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