Igatpuri leopard attack- compensation to heirs of the girl victim

Need awareness about the compensation in wildlife attacks
Igatpuri leopard attack- compensation to heirs of the girl victim
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NASHIK: On June 22, 3- year-old Gauri Gurunath Khadke of Kananwadi Khed in Igatpuri taluka was attacked by a leopard. The minor unfortunately died in the incident. Accordingly, the forest department paid Rs 5 lakh to the heirs of the deceased girl. A compensation check was handed over to the heirs by RFO Mahendra Patil.

As per the rule, Rs 10 lakh have been deposited in the name of the heirs. Last month, Gauri Khadke was dragged towards the forest by a leopard. The incidents took place in front of the girl’s parents and grandparents. In the chase, the leopard left the girl in the bushes at a distance and headed towards the forest. Doctors treated the critically injured girl, but she died.

Need awareness

The forest department gives compensation to the heirs of the person in case of death in a wildlife attack. The compensation is given only if the wild animals attack in the non-forest area and the person who got attacked dies in the incident. The government pays compensation of Rs15 lakh, in which Rs 5 lakh is given immediately and Rs 10 lakh is given as a fixed deposit in the bank. The compensation is given as per the government resolution, but, each time the local politicians are seen to take credit for the same. People are not yet aware of rules, especially in the case of the forest department.

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