Houses and Homes: Eco-friendly houses need of the hour

Houses and Homes: Eco-friendly houses need of the hour

Prashant Nikale : Nashik : Home is something where a person finds a peace. This is the place where everyone feels like it belongs to them, which comforts and calms them. The climate change is affecting human life at every point. The lifestyle changes brought in daily life are also needed with our homes.

The concept of eco-friendly houses is slowing imbibing into Nashik too. People are getting more aware about environment. The renowned architect of Nashik, who holds a proficiency in building eco-friendly houses, Sanjay Patil, discussed with Deshdoot Times the need of eco-friendly houses and the current scenario of it as far as changing demand of the home seekers in Nashik is concerned.

Talking about eco-friendly houses he explained, "The concept of eco-friendly houses is nothing but to go back to the basics. The eco-friendly houses are sustainable houses which are built according to the natural, climatic and geographical conditions in that particular region. It is built with the local materials available in that region."

These houses are built to lower the impact on the surrounding environment. They are built focusing on lowering the power consumption by cutting the power usage with help of solar panel systems to generate electricity. The houses are built in such a away that they will give natural ventilation and light as per the needed in that region.

Nashikites are also giving good response to the eco-friendly housing concepts with rain water harvesting, using of solar electricity, building courtyard houses or houses with chowk structures for better ventilation and light.

The trend is on building 'climate responsive houses'. With using better design in windows and roofs, Nashikites are trying to give their share in saving environment, said Patil.

"The new technologies in the area are also helping building eco-friendly houses more precisely. The 'Building Performance Analysis' which helps to tell us how the particular structure will respond to environment. The design quantification techniques are also helping to suggest changes in particular structure of house to make it more sustainable," said Patil while informing about the pivotal role of technology.

Landscape is another part which helps in conceptualizing the eco-friendly housing structures. Incorporating of landscape in main structure is new thing, which is coming up in most of the houses currently being built in Nashik. For structures which are already built, positive invasions are easy and helpful to lower the carbon footprint, added Patil.

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