Hotels likely to register a dip in sales this new year

Hotels likely to register a dip in sales this new year

Nashik : The hotels are likely to register a decrease in their sales this 31st following the orders of State government imposing a curfew from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am . The curfew has been put up till January 2nd thus , putting a stop sign on all kinds of new year parties.

According to hoteliers, 11:00 pm to 12:30 am is the main slot to earn for them. As a curfew has been imposed, a lot of people will stay indoors and prefer celebrating at home by themselves. A lot of people have opted for the option of camping this year as residents were seen visiting the Bhandardara fall, and other nature's spots. For some, the celebrations are going to be individualistic this year as they would be celebrating at home.

While a lot of businesses will register a dip, hotels are most likely to get affected. A lot of youngsters might opt for home parties and cook food by themselves like barbeques, pizza, pastas, and soft drinks.

"Shanghai closes at 11:00 pm daily. We don't host parties as such but yes, our parcel sale is at peak for the whole day, and specially at the night time. This year, we are surely going to register a 50% fall in our business. A lot of people will sit at home and prefer homemade food because they aren't going anywhere. However, many youngsters will celebrate together at their homes and their orders will save the day for us. "

- Pramod, Shanghai Chinese

"11:00 pm to 12:30 am is the main time for earning. Be it autowalas, restaurant or any other business, they wait for the night hours. This year, as people will stay at home, our business will register a 20% fall in two main hours of the night I mentioned above. People won't leave the house because of police, and we cannot send parcel for a longer period of time as the State government has imposed a curfew. Every year, we host parties and a lot of groups visit our hotel to celebrate the night of 31th. There's music, dancing and good food. We just hope that 2021 will be better.”

- Ayub Sayyed, Cafe 432

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