Hospital files case against Bhave

Half naked Gandhigiri style agitation over deposit
Hospital files case against Bhave

NASHIK: After his half naked Gandhigiri style agitation at Wockhart Hospital, the Aam Aadmi Party's state spoke person and coordinator of Mission Hospital, Jitendra Bhave, got public support throughout state. The hospital also paid the deposit amount to the patients family immediately after that. He was released by police without filling a case, but another hospital has now filed case against Bhave.

Vision Hospital has registered a case against Bhave at Sarkarwada police station regarding the incident which took place on May 22. On The case was registered on May 26 around 7 p.m. The complaint has been filed by Vikrant Vijan.

The FIR says that Bhave with others rushed to the OPD on May 21 and demanded all the basic documents for the treatment of the patients. Threatened the doctors and staff in the hospital and disrupted the daily work of the hospital.

He took the original bills for medical, medical and blood test expenses and left without paying the remaining amount. This has been mentioned in the complaint. A case has been registered against Swapnil Atwane, Jitendra Bhave, Soma Kurhade, Rohan Deshpande and others.

Commissioner take note of agitation

Municipal Commissioner Kailas Jadhav has taken note of the agitation of AAP's Jitendra Bhave to remove his clothes in Wockhart hospital as the deposit of Rs 1.5 lakh was not being refunded even after recovering a bill of Rs 10 lakh from the family of the patient. With the help of Gandhigiri, Bhave was successful in helping the family to get the deposit back.

Commissioner Jadhav has ordered an inquiry through the Chief Auditor. The reason for such an agitation will be explained. It is understood that strict action will be taken if the hospital management is found guilty.

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