Honest auto driver returns gold ring

Honest auto driver returns gold ring

DEOLALI CAMP: In the hustle-bustle of city life, commuters often forget their belongings in autos, buses, cabs and public places. Sadly, in most cases, those valuables are forever lost as someone or the other steals it. However, there are also a few honest people in the world who believe in doing the right thing. Displaying honesty and integrity, one such auto rickshaw driver helped returned a gold ring to its owner, who had lost it at the Devi temple area.

Autorikshaw driver Dilip Barve found a gold ring near Devi Mandir on Rest Camp Road. He honestly went to the police station and handed over the said ring to senior police inspector Kundan Jadhav, showing humanity and sincerity.

While there is a huge misconception about the auto drivers, this shows that humanity is still alive. Life has been disrupted due to the ongoing rains since last week. As the rain subsided yesterday, the temple was crowded due to the weekend.

At that time, when Barve found a gold ring near the Devi temple, he drove the rickshaw directly to the police station and while giving the found ring to the police officers, he asked them to return it to those whose ring was lost in the temple area. After confirming that the said ring belongs to a person named Dilip Tupe, driver Barve gave it to Tupe in front of senior PI Jadhav.

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