Photo Gallery : Holidays adding into number of visitors: NMC’s flower show receiving good response
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Photo Gallery : Holidays adding into number of visitors: NMC’s flower show receiving good response

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


The flower show ‘Pushpotsav 2020’ organized by Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) in its premises, is receiving good response from Nashikites. The nursery stalls, especially at the flower show, were crowded by Nashikites on Friday.

There are around 4000 plant species for sell with a cost of Rs 10 to Rs 10,000.  The flower show was on February 20th It is organized on the theme of roses this year and is featuring a variety of rose flowers, including those grown in the open environment, raised under an artificial atmosphere. Gulab Raja, Gulab Rani, Gulab Rajkumar, Gulab Rajkumari have already been selected by the Corporation.

The four-day flower show open for public till February 23. The timing is 9 am to 9 pm. The show also has seasonal and perennial seasonal flowers like Fallox, Aster, Zendu (marigold), Calendula, Antihime, Petunia, Jarbera, Shewanti, Delia, Nishigandh, Carnation and other flowers too.

The Corporation has also given a treat for eyes with Japanese decoration, Ikebana, floral rangoli, garland making, bouquet and other flower decorations.  The miniature garden created by the Corporation is becoming the most favourite attraction for those people who are visiting the show. Bonsai, Cactus, Fruit, Vegetable and other decorations are also on display in the show.

Holidays adding crowd

The flower show is getting a very good response from Nashikites, especially because of public holidays for three days. On Friday there was a holiday because of Maha Shivratri and people to benefit from it. The families, youngsters, tree lovers, kids and people from all ages were seen at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan. The organizers have hoped that they will get more crowd today and Sunday.

“I would like to thank the Corporation for organizing such a wonderful flower show with Pushpotsav 2020. Each and every section is just a treat to the eyes. The decorations made here by the artists satisfies your soul. I would like to request every Nashikite that they should visit this show once at least.”
                                                                                                                          – Anuprita Pangaonkar, Nashikite

“The whole idea of the Pushpotsav is to make people aware of the environment. The motive is to imbibe a sense of environment protection in them and make them feel how life is with the plants surrounding them. The event has been organised to spread awareness about nature protection and conservation. It is mandatory for the tree authority committee to organise such flower show to spread environment protection message to the world. The flower show in Nashik is one of the best in the country.”
                                                                                                                          – Shivaji Amale, head, garden dept