Historic tunnel at Anandvalli?

Historic tunnel at Anandvalli?

NASHIK: Following the detection of an underground tunnel in the locality of Navashya Ganpati shrine in the Anandavalli area of the city when the construction work of a building was in progress, residents of the area are hoping for suitable steps by the administration to throw light on the findings.

Raghoba Dada Peshwe and Anandibai had a fortress on five and a half acres of land in the Anandavalli area. The villagers say that Anandvalli is named after Anandibai. Raju Jadhav, president of Navashya Ganpati Mandir Trust, said that the site of the fortress is owned by a builder. On Monday, November 22, during the digging work at the site, an ancient tunnel was found. There was a lot of curiosity among the citizens about this mysterious tunnel.

Meanwhile, when the daily Deshdoot inquired more about this, the villagers informed about the location of this fortress and the so the footprints of history at this site. It is not clear when did the private developer own this land. In fact, the people say that these historic treasures should be preserved.

The villagers are demanding that the administration should take steps to get collect information in this regard. In the meantime, the private developer could not be reached when contacted for his comments.

Not a tunnel at all

"According to our survey, this is not a tunnel. It can be a hidden route that is one foot wide and hardly 100 meters at length opening at the riverside. There are no water channels in it and there are no remains of the old structure of Gadi either. The private developer may have bought this plot some times ago." - Arti Aley, Asst Director of Archaeology

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