High fuel prices; family in disarray

High fuel prices; family in disarray

NASHIK: With the increase in petrol and diesel prices, the prices of all commodities especially Fast Moving Consumers Good (FMCG) have gone up and inflation is on the rise. Along with the general public, farmers are also facing financial hardship. Rising prices of vegetables and expensive groceries make ordinary housewives wonder how to manage kitchen. In many large families, men’s everyone’s tastes vary.

At such times, housewives have to do a lot of work to preserve their preferences. Due to the monsoon, the arrival of vegetables in the market committees is less. As a result, vegetable prices have gone up and are fluctuating on a daily basis. Although pulses prices have come down due to easing of import restrictions by the central government, edible oil prices have risen again.

However, the prices of groceries have also gone up. This has completely ruined the household mathematics of the common man. Due to high diesel prices, tractor drivers in rural areas have significantly increased the cultivation rate. Additionally the transportation cost has also increased for agricultural goods.

Household budget collapse

"Sometimes oil becomes cheaper and sometimes vegetables become more expensive. This has been going on since last year. However, there is no increase in salaries compared to rising inflation. This has made it difficult to deduct the entire month from the monthly payment for household expenses." -Asha Pagare, House wife

"Transporters have increased their rates due to increase in diesel prices. This has led to an increase in the cost of transportation for some items in the grocery store. Retailers often have to sell goods on credit. He also suffers." - Balu Rathi, Grocery Merchant

"The arrival of vegetables in the market committee has slowed down. The demand for vegetables is good. The increase diesel prices has also increased the cost of transportation. A fare of Rs 300 to Rs 400 has to be paid to deliver vegetables." -Dinesh Sali, vegetable seller

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