Helmet rule needs review?

Punitive action fails to persuade bikers
Helmet rule needs review?

NASHIK: Penalty, examination and counselling, this is what the city police are doing in its stricter punitive action against the offenders of the helmet rule. After adopting several options to enforce helmet rule, now city police have started collecting fines by doubling penalty amount and taking measures like suspension of driving license for three months. From February 1 till February 10, in ten days, the police acted against 1575 violators and recovered a fine of Rs 7,49,100.

However, it seems that many Nashikites are not seen wearing helmets and overlooking the rule even though it is for their own good. In some cases, it has been noticed that the penalised two-wheeler riders are refusing to pay the fines and are seen arguing with the police. So it is clear that the helmet rule is not fully enforced yet and it needs a review. Helmet rule is being implemented across the city in the presence of Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Sitaram Gaikwad and under the guidance of Police Commissioner Deepak Pandey.

Even though the helmet rule is getting response in the city, however at many places, it has been noticed that the bikers are reluctant to abide by the rule and even pay fine if caught helmetless. On this backdrop, the Commissioner of Police has given instructions to further tighten the helmet rule under the shadow of verbal clashes between the police and the citizens.

Through various campaigns like No Helmet, No Petrol, No Helmet, No Cooperation, and No Helmet, No Entry, CP Pandey has tried to establish helmet rule in the city. However, two-wheeler riders without helmets are still seen plying in many parts of the city regardless of the punitive action being initiated. Nashikites have been appealed to use helmets for their own safety and not for the sake of action.

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