Heavy discharge from Darna

Record rainfall in Igatpuri; Darna Dam 67%, Bhavli Dam 64%, Mukne Dam 50% and Bhasan 50% filled
Heavy discharge from Darna

NASHIK: In Igatpuri taluka, which is known as the home of rains, the water supply of Darna Dam has increased due to continuous rains for the last four days. Therefore, the discharge of water from this dam has now started. Due to torrential rain, the water level of Darna Dam has increased drastically and discharge of more than 15,080 cusecs of water has been started from Darna Dam. At present, there is 4,805 million cubic feet of water storage in Darna Dam and the dam is 69 percent full, informed branch engineer, SM Jachak.

Igatpuri has also received 179 mm of rainfall in just last 24 hours of rains. In Igatpuri taluka 105 mm of rain has been recorded in Wadiwarhe, 119 mm in Ghoti Budruk, 64 mm in Nandgaon Budruk and 102 mm in Dhargaon. A total of 179 mm of rain has been recorded in Igatpuri taluka. Meanwhile, due to the continuous rains, rice farming in Igatpuri taluka has also been severely damaged and the rivers and streams in the area have started overflowing again. Also, if the rains continue like this, there is a possibility of delay in paddy cultivation.

The torrential rains in Igatpuri taluka for the last four-five days have disrupted life in the western part of the country including Ghoti town and rural areas. These four-five days of torrential rains have led to a massive increase in dam stocks, which has led to a record increase in dam stocks this year, with a total of 1261 mm of rainfall recorded so far. In the second phase of heavy rains in Igatpuri taluka, heavy rains have lashed the area for the last four-five days.

Igatpuri taluka, meanwhile, has received a record 132 mm of rainfall in the last 24 hours. To date, 1,261 mm of rainfall has been received in the taluka. From this, the rain has started moving towards its traditional average. Satisfaction is being expressed among the farmers and the general public as they are moving towards an average. The percentage of rainfall recorded in July alone is 35% of the total average rainfall.

15,088 cusecs discharge

As the catchment area of Darna Dam is receiving heavy and continuous rains the discharge from the dam has increased. As of July 11, afternoon 3, the water was been discharged with 15,088 cusecs from Darna. The discharge will likely be increased if the rains continue. At present, there are 4,805 million cubic feet of water storage in Darna Dam and the dam is 69 percent full, informed branch engineer

Record increase in dam water level

All the dams in Igatpuri taluka had reached 100 per cent in summer but due to continuous rains with torrential downpours for the last four-five days, the dams have increased drastically. The Darna Dam is at 67 percent, Bhavli Dam at 64 percent, Mukne Dam at 50 percent and Bhasan at 50 percent have been filled so far.

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