Hard work key to success: Takle

Hard work key to success: Takle

NASHIK: We’ve often heard about a female engineer, doctor, teacher, operator, and even cleaner. However, have you ever heard of a female jewellery manufacturer? Deshdoot’s special ‘Navdurga’ program introduces those females who broke the shackles of stereotypes and proved that each field is gender-neutral. One needs the right amount of dedication to pursue their field of choice and taste success.

In yesterday’s interview, Dr.Vaishali Balajiwale, Executive Editor, Deshdoot and Deshdoot Times interaction with Mrs Swati Takle, Nashik’s very own jewellery manufacturer and designer. To begin with, Takle started her career as a jewellery manufacturer in early 1987. She shared that “As I got married into a family which was already famous for its jewellery, I was searching for my own path. I then went to Rajkot to learn the art of jewellery making. It was not like any course which is easily available today, but convinced an artisan family in Rajkot to teach me the skills, which are a must for a goldsmith.”

The business of jewellery making is male dominated till today but Takle stood against all odds and taught around 10 more women the art of jewellery making. With trial and error she developed her own designs and now they are very famous among Nashikites as well as in Maharashtra.

“The Mangalsutra designs of mine are very famous among women. Though there were financial constraints, and the risk is high in this business, I took the responsibility”, she said proudly.

Sharing her experiences, Takle said that Women, girls often come to her with dresses, saris and footwear to make jewellery which will be matching to them. The prices of jewellery has gone very high. Few years back it was affordable and giftable item. But now, people restrict themselves to get even one for themselves, she said with a concern.

“There is no shortcut to anything. We must do hard work for our dreams, without fearing about time or taking rest. There must be sincerity in your work to grow in any field. Support from home is important, but you should have that will power, courage, faith in yourself first to convince them”, expressed Takle.

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