Halt of major trains cancelled, passengers angry

Halt of major trains cancelled, passengers angry

NASHIK: The railway administration has decided to cancel the halt of various trains at Nandgaon Railway Station post the resumption of services after the pandemic. Therefore, passengers have expressed dissatisfaction with the administration’s decision.

After several years of protests and fights with the government, the passengers ensured halts of various trains at the Nandgaon Railway Station. However, as the administration cancelled the halts again, passengers are angry as they will now need to travel to other stations to board the trains. Even various ministers are unhappy with the administration’s decision.

At this station, halts of important trains such as Kashi, Mahanagari, Kamayani, and Jhelum were closed during the pandemic. After the second wave subsided, the administration resumed various halts in Maharashtra. However, they permanently cancelled the halts of these trains at Nandgaon.

The administration was also generating decent revenue as many passengers boarded these trains from this particular station. Passengers alleged that Hutatma Express, which resumed services from June 10, stops at the small Kajgaon station but not in Nandgaon.

At present, only two trains, namely Sevagram and Maharashtra Express, have their halts at Nandgaon. After the departure of Sevagram Express at 6:00 am, there is no train for Mumbai, Nashik, or Pune, which causes great inconvenience to passengers. Therefore, passengers rely on ST buses or private vehicles to reach Mumbai, Nashik, or Pune. Even to reach Manmad, Nandgan residents need to shell out a large chunk of money from their pockets.

As general tickets started on July 02, Nandgaon residents demanded the railway administration should stop Kamayani, Mahanagari, Kashi, and Jhelum Express at Nandgaon station on an experimental basis. However, the administration turned a blind eye to their demand.

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