Growing admissions in NMC schools

Parents preferring NMC schools over private schools: Reports
Growing admissions in NMC schools

NASHIK: While 2,000 children in municipal schools have been out of school due to corona, now students in private schools are waiting for municipal schools to open. Parents who have lost their jobs due to corona loss of employment have started admitting their children to municipal schools. According to a report by the education department, from 481 private English medium schools in the city, students have been admitted to municipal schools.

Therefore, the responsibility of NMC has increased to retain students by providing quality education. A total of 26,030 students are studying in 101 NMC schools. There are 88 NMC primary schools in the city and 22,479 students are studying in that school, while 3,551 students are studying in 13 secondary schools. Municipal teachers also tried to provide online education so that students in municipal schools do not fall out of the education stream.

However, not all students were able to learn online. Online education was arranged for 15,143 students. About 8,838 students were imparted education through textbooks due to lack of facilities, while 2,049 students were thrown out of the education stream due to lack of contact, the report said. However, the number of students enrolled in municipal schools has also increased this year.

Reason behind trend

With the exception of online education, 100 per cent fees were charged from all private schools. The economic downturn caused by the Corona has cost many jobs and they cannot afford to pay private fees. The private school has to pay fees for other facilities in addition to the fees.

In municipal schools, students get education, uniforms, textbooks, shoes-socks, office supplies and others supplies for free. Scholarship benefits along with various government schemes, nutritional food is also given in NMC schools.

Improvements in municipal school to survive

On the land of Delhi government, the appearance of the Corporation’s schools will change in two years. For this, computer, internet facilities are being provided to the municipal schools through various social organizations, NGOs, CSR funds.

Meritorious students

Nineteen more students than private schools have passed the national examinations for the economically weaker sections. The APJ Abdul Kalam Trust has selected several students for satellite production and three girls from 147 countries have been selected. In this program a girl is from NMC school

"Considering Nashik city, the number of private schools is very high. It works to attract students and parents in a variety of ways. But in the last two and a half years of Corona, many parents are enrolling their children in municipal schools due to unaffordable tuition fees in private schools. In the current academic year, more than 500 students from private schools have been enrolled."

"Considering education, teachers in schools of local self-governing bodies are selected on the basis of their quality through examinations like D. Ed, CET, TET. So our quality is great. Also, many activities will be implemented in the Municipal School in the near future, so it is expected that the newly admitted students and parents will not turn to private sector as the financial situation has improved."

- Sunita Dhangar, Education Officer, Municipal Corporation

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