Green signal for a ropeway

Green signal for a ropeway

Ropeway to connect Anjaneri and Brahmagiri hills

NASHIK: Trimbakeshwar, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in the country, which holds Kumbh Mela every twelve years, will now give a big gift to devotees and tourists. The move will also get a boost to job creation and business growth. Yes, the government has finally given its nod for a ropeway between Anjaneri and Bramhagiri hills. The Center has given the green signal. A consultancy firm will soon be appointed to conduct the survey, and the tender process has started, informed MP Hemant Godse.

Thousands of devotees visit Trimbakeshwar every day. Many devotees visit the Anjaneri and Bramhagiri religious mountains in the area. However, as it was not possible to reach this place in the dense forest, MP Godse had pursued the construction of a ropeway between Anjaneri and Bramhagiri. The central government has responded positively to his demand and issued orders to appoint a consultancy body for the survey for a detailed report of the ropeway project.

The decision will soon lead to a detailed project report on the Anjaneri-Bramhagiri ropeway, which will help boost tourism in the area in the coming years, MP Godse said. There are Kushavart Teerth and Sant Nivruttinath Samadhi temples in the area, and since the ritual, Narayan Nagbali is performed only in this temple town, devotees from all over the country come for puja.

Anjaneri and Bramhagiri are historical places in the area, and the whole area is covered with a dense forest and beautiful nature. Although these mountain ranges have a religious significance, devotees avoid visiting these mountains due to a lack of infrastructure. In case of a ropeway, tourists as well as devotees can visit the holy places of Anjaneri and Bramhagiri.

Considering this demand, the Centre’s National Highways Logistics Management has given the green light to the Anjaneri-Bramhagiri ropeway proposal. The government has decided to appoint a consultant agency to survey the ropeway project and prepare a detailed project report. For this, the process of inviting tenders from various companies has been started. The survey work of the ropeway will start as soon as the process is completed.

"According to mythology, Anjaneri is the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, while Bramhagiri is the origin of Godavari river. These historic sites have remained neglected due to the lack of proper infrastructural facilities and access to both the high mountains. If there is a ropeway, tourism and employability will get a big boost."- MP Hemant Godse

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