Green gym : Awareness holds key
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Green gym : Awareness holds key

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik: There are many green gyms in the city with many using them for exercise. The number of older citizens is higher among those using the Green Gym. some of the youths are also seen exercising with it.  While the green gyms facilitate physical exercise people need to first take some expert advice while using it. While there are benefits, doing exercise without proper information may lead to problems.

Sharing his experience Chandrakant Ahirrao, a jogger states that exercising in a green gym every morning keeps the body healthy. There are many benefits of exercising in the green gym. It helps muscle health. A green gym is a great option of exercise for the elderly as it does not require any weight lifting..

Dr. Prashant Patil, MS Orthopedic opines that walking and exercising in the morning is great for our body. In the morning, young and elderly, step out for a morning walk. Walking burns calories. There are also green gyms in some places. Elderly or young people are seen using these.

The green gym does not require any extra weight plates. Exercising at the green gym is good, as it gives the additional benefit of exercising the joints and upper body. The green gym and gym also has different machines or tools for exercise. If used properly, there is no problem. if not used properly, it can cause injury to the body.

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