Grape production to be declined this year

Grape production to be declined this year

Nashik: After delayed retreating rains damaged vineyards in the first week of November, cold wave in Nashik for the last three days has added woes to grape producers. Grapes and horticulture farmers are affecting by the increasing cold.

As rainwater accumulated in vineyards in the first week of November, grapes were damaged on a large scale. Assessment of losses was conducted through talathis in the district, but the government has still not taken any decision about giving compensation to affected farmers. Some vineyards which survived are now affecting by the cold.

As the mercury has dropped to 11 degrees Celsius, its effects are seen on vineyards. Cracks are developed in grapes. The quality of those grapes which are exported can be degraded. The effect is also being seen on other crops and vegetable crops.

Though grapes are exported on a high level from the district, the export may be lowered this time. Vineyards were largely affected by the delayed retreating rains in November. Grape producers in Niphad and Dindori talukas tried to save those vineyards which survived this natural calamity.

They are now facing the problem with the rise in the cold. As per forecast by the Indian Meteorology Department, the cold wave would continue till January 10. The grapes will largely be affected by this. As a result, grape export will be lowered this time, informed grape producers.

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