Govt to shut vasti shalas in state
Deshdoot Times

Govt to shut vasti shalas in state

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik: State education department has decided to shut 917 vasti shalas in the state. It has planned to shift around 4,875 students in them to other schools. There is strong opposition to this decision. As per Right to Education (RTE) act, a provision has been made to make the school available in the distance of 0-3 km from residence of children for their free primary education.

State government formed some vasti shalas, however, it failed to form schools near the residence of students at many places. In addition, the previous government shut many schools considering the low number of students. Now as there is no availability of schools, transport facility has been planned.

When Tawade was education minister, he decided to shut around 1300 schools. It had been decided to shut a school in a remote area which has a low number of students and give transport allowance to students in those schools to attend the nearest school. In the meantime, following opposition to this decision from all spheres of the society, this process was on backfoot.

As per the school education department’s decision, the local authority should make transport facility available under RTI to ensure facility of primary education to children in smaller colonies. Under this, 917 vasti shalas have been fixed and transport facility for a total of 4,875 students in them will be made available.

The decision by school education minister Varsha Gaikwad is wrong. Minister of previous BJP government Vinod Tawade had also decided to shut 1312 schools and he had faced all-round criticism. Thousands of poor students will face difficulty due to this education. This decision should be cancelled immediately, demanded the Communist Party of India (Marxist).