Govt to decide on NMC’s recruitment proposal

Govt to decide on NMC’s recruitment proposal

NASHIK: On the eve of Nashik Municipal Corporation elections, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) held a special general body meeting to recruit people for honorarium due to lack of manpower in the municipal corporation. Once the proposal is received by the administration, it will go to the government. However, considering the establishment cost in the current year, it seems that this recruitment will be difficult.

Although the general body has approved the unofficial proposal to recruit employees on honorarium in the municipal corporation, as the establishment cost has reached above 38%, the administration will send the proposal for approval by the state government after receiving the resolution. Earlier, due to increasing expenses, a new layout of vacant posts of about 14,000 in medical, fire, and other departments has been submitted to the government. That report is still pending.

In the last 24 years, there has been no recruitment in the Municipal Corporation. Due to lack of manpower, available staff has to do extra work. Therefore, the ruling BJP has decided to recruit employees on an honorarium basis. For that, a special General Body Meeting was held in NMC. The opposition parties opposed the proposal as it had been proposed a few months before the elections.

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