Good role models in society need of the hour
Deshdoot Times

Good role models in society need of the hour

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik : The issue of spitting has become dangerous, especially in a country like India where the pan masala, Gudkha, edible pan, scented suparies are easily available. For the betterment of society, Deshdoot has come up with a plan to spread public awareness about social behavior.

Deshdoot has started to speak on the problems related to ‘Civic Sense’. Spitting has become a common scenario in public places. At every offices, corridors, veranda, streets are painted with spitting pan and gutkha.

People have forgotten that the city, the country the places they are spitting in is their own home. To discuss on the issue, the Deshdoot Samwad Katta was joined by Psychiatrists Dr Manas Sule, Social worker Bharti Jadhav of Manav Uthaan Manch and Suresh Shirode who works for Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan in Cidco.

The people can spit anywhere in the city. The people are not even bothered about what they are doing. Spitting can be related to many diseases. The people should raise their voice against such an issue in society.

The number of litterbugs, especially, because of pan masala, tobacco and gutkha products have increased. The people themselves make the place dirty and they complain about the administration. The citizens should take the initiative firsts and change their habits.

The spitting habit is not because of thoughts or habit. The major issue is because of tobacco and pan masala products. The teachings of manners and social behaviour have gone limited in homes due to separate living and flat system. The foreign countries are clean due to their citizens. The people should treat every corner, every street, everything as their home.

The learning can be done through example; the parents are equally responsible for growing up the child as a good citizen in society. The adolescence age and urge to try something need a strong resistance power in youngsters.

The youth is attracted to tobacco products. The rules are there but it is up to individual what to chooses. They should be made understood about how it is harming their health, society, family and their peers.

The panel echoed that the youngsters, students, kids need strong role models in front of them. It is a responsibility of the current generation of millennials to create a role model in front of them.