Good response to ST bus service

Good response to ST bus service


With the Covid situation easing further, the footfall of passengers to and from Nashik travelling by ST buses to various destinations has risen significantly. After two years of the pandemic, this year Diwali was celebrated in a very energetic and happy atmosphere.

During Diwali, the Nashik division of MSRTC earned an income of Rs 11 crores as lakhs of passengers preferred and enjoyed travelling by Lal Pari (ordinary bus), officials of the ST corporation said.

Since the lifting of the curbs, the people going to and coming from the village preferred to travel by taking advantage of more buses released by the ST corporation, thus increasing the income of ST in crores.

During Diwali, extra buses were released more than the regular buses. The number of buses was increased in view of the heavy rush of passengers in the city and district bus stations.

MSRTC has benefited immensely as passengers preferred ST buses to private transportation. Arrangements were made to avoid inconvenience to the passengers in reaching their desired destination safely and comfortably.

Buses were arranged through a total of 13 Depots in the city and district. More buses were made available from Nashik to Malegaon, Manmad, Satana, Nandgaon, Yeola, Kalwan, Nanduri and Nandurbar, Dhule, Jalgaon, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Pune, Nagar, Tuljapur and Solapur.

A 24-hour reservation window was opened at the new CBS i.e. Thakkar Bazar. Apart from 25 ordinary buses, 10 extra buses were released for Pune-bound passengers.

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