Good response to NMC bus service

Good response to NMC bus service

NASHIK: Nashik Municipal Corporation’s bus service is getting good response from Nashikites. About 20,000 passengers had benefited on the first day, while so far about 60,000 passengers have benefited from the Corporation’s bus service. To date, more than Rs 1,20,000 has been deposited in the Corporation’s exchequer. At present, a total of 28 buses are running on nine routes in the city.

It is expected to increase buses to 50 in the next few days and 250 buses in near future. The bus and its system has been built using the latest technology. What is special is that even if you are sitting at home, the passenger can pay the amount by booking a ticket through the app, which also attracts the youth.

Bus service was started on 8th July, 2021 by NMC. Buses are currently plying on nine routes in the city and today 5,698 passengers have availed the bus service. Municipal Corporation has received an income of Rs. 1,20,985. The average daily i n c o m e i s expected to be Rs 1.5 lakh. On Monday and Tuesday of the week, the income was more than 1,60,000.

  • Rs 10 for an adult and Rs five for a child for a journey of up to two kilometers. This is how bus fare is charged.

  • Rs 15 and Rs 10 for two to four kilometers, Rs 20 and Rs 10 for four to six kilometers, Rs 25 and Rs 15 for six to eight kilometers, Rs 25 and Rs 15 for eight to ten kilometers and for 10 to 12 kilometers, the ticket price is Rs 30.

Penalty for no ticket

Penalties will be levied by the route inspection team if a passenger is spotted traveling without a ticket in the city bus service. This penalty will be recovered from both the carrier and the passenger. The penalty is Rs 300 plus Rs 54 GST. Also the fare of the entire route of the passenger will also be recovered.

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