Godavari's significance invaluable for Nashik: Dr. Dahake

Godavari's significance invaluable for Nashik: Dr. Dahake

NASHIK: While praising the eternal importance of the Godavari river in the existence of Nashik, Godavari scholar, and expert Dr. Shilpa Dahake said that it will not be unfair to proclaim ‘Godavari’s Nashik’ instead of ‘Nashik’s Godavari’. She was talking on the topic titled ‘Godavari of Nashik’ in a programme organised on the occasion of the Godavari River Festival. Water expert Rajesh Pandit presided over the function.

Speaking on the occasion, she narrated the journey from Punjab to Nashik. At this time, she said, the rivers Ganga and Yamuna have been discussed a lot since the past. However, her obsession with the Godavari river, the second largest river in India, led her to start studying it from the 2015 Kumbh Mela. At that time the water of the river was clean even and was visible. The water weeds were also removed.

The way Godavari river is shown on the map of Nashik is misleading. What this river looks like is not just a line but also another source of water and tributaries.

Nashik’s Godavari is not only on Goda Ghat but also elsewhere. The British had brought into reality the concept of tap water. However, as the water entered the house for domestic use, the sewage from the house also started flowing out of the house. People worship the river at Ramkund with devotion however while on the other hand, it is seen that wastewater is released into the river from houses and establishments.

While researching the Godavari, a sewage treatment plant was started in Tapovan. We throw waste and release sewage into the river and that water comes back to us in one form or another, Dr. Dahake said. She has been the witness to see Godavari flowing in every season. She said that she saw the dry river in 2016 and also saw two floods in the same river in just two to three months. Nashikites may not be aware of the ‘Godavari Parichay Udyan’ near Someshwar in Nashik as it is always closed. The programme was moderated by Anand Bora and thanked by Mahesh Shirsath and Dattatraya Shirsath.

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