Godavari needs to be respected as ‘Mother’

World River Day special
Godavari needs to be respected as ‘Mother’

NASHIK: The world is celebrating River day, today. The evolution and development of human culture took place on river banks. The river has economic, social and cultural journey of humankind. In the case of Nashik too, the river is an spiritual and emotional affair due to holy river Godavari. On the occassion of river day the Deshdoot office was visited by two important guest who are working towards conservation of Godavari.

The actor and activist Chinmay Udgirkar and environment activist Kumudini Bangera dicussed about the conservation of Godavari with the executive editor of daily Deshdoot and Deshdoot Times Dr Vaishali Balajiwale in Deshdoot’s special segement ‘Deshdoot Samwad Katta. Talking about the recent project the Godaavari Anthem. The anthem is for spreading awarness amoung people.

“As son of a Godavari it is my job to keep the river clean. We are nothing without the river Godavari. Im born and brought up on the banks of Godavari. With such little work no one can repay the hardships of mother. We have set our priority to make the river flow as it was years back. The work of rejuvenating the river is easy but it needs constant efforts and long going efforts.Every Nashikite should work for it and it will give peace and good sleep.” Activist Kumudini Bangera pointed out about the need of collective efforts.

She said, “Collective efforts of people, NGO’s, schools are needeed. The youngsters are aleady into it and are doing great job in tree plantation, cleanliness drives and spreading awareness. We have to develope ‘Sense Of Belonging’ in Nashikites. No matter, if we staying out of Nashik, we should connect, to keep it clean.”

Is it the responsibility of youngsters?

It was echoed in the discussion that the elders are putting their responsibilty on the young generation. In every drive youngsters are participating and elders shirking their responsibilty. Elders should also take resposiblity and guide them. Youngsters should be brought to the river their connection should be established first. It is essential to share story of the Godavari, evolution of civiisation on it, journey of Nashik, should be told.

Role of Administration

The city of Nashik has a linage from ancient times. The Nashik came on Map due to the river Godavari. The role of administration should be bringing the river Godavari in its previous form. The concretisation on river should be removed. Proper garbage collection should be done and awareness should be spread. No sewage water should be discharged into river, a scientific way should be found to dispose off sewage.

What Should be done?

Collective efforst is the key to rejuvenate the river. Participation of elders is importatnt to spread awaness through stories and experiences. Children, youngsters should be taken to river by the elders to create connection with river. Events in city should linked with the Godavari to attract more yougsters. Parents should bring their childrens to play near river, so that they will able to link with Godavari.

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