Godavari in spate

Dam water discharge, rainwater influx into river rises
Godavari in spate

NASHIK: Due to heavy rainfall in the catchment area of Gangapur dam, Godavari river has flooded for the second time in this month. The old vegetable market ground along the river submerged as about 8129 cusecs of water was being discharged from the dam in phases till evening. There was a picture of Dutondya Maruti being surrounded by flood waters with water level touching its chest for the first time in this season. Due to the increasing water level, small and big traders along Godaghat had to move their goods to safer places.

Due to good rainfall for the last two days, influx of rainwater and dam water into Godavari increased since Wednesday morning. As a result, water level in Godavari rose. By two o’clock in the afternoon, the entire Ramkund area was under water. The water had reached up to the steps of Kapaleshwar police station. In this area, small and big kiosk holders shifted their kiosks and moved to safer places.

All these kiosks were moved and placed on the road leading to Indrakund and Malegaon Stand. As a result, the traffic system on this route collapsed. Meanwhile, traders near Kapaleshwar temple as well as Sardar Chowk, Devi temple on Sandva, Naroshankar temple, Ramsetu bridge, Nhavi Par etc. were trying to move their goods from their shops to safer places. Many small and big temples in Godavari were submerged.

  • Mahendrakumar Pagare, a Panchavati divisional officer, was patrolling at Godaghat in a vehicle as the water level was rising. At this time, safety instructions were being given to the citizens as well as the traders through loudspeaker. Citizens were being urged not to go towards the river basin. The fire brigade and Panchavati police were monitoring the situation in Godaghat area to prevent any untoward incident.

  • As the 16-day Pitru Paksha is going on, some citizens had come to Ramkund to perform Tarpan and Shraddh rituals. On the road leading to Indrakund slopes, one can see a picture of this ritual being performed by the priests. Some believers had tried to move to the old vegetable market ground to offer offerings to the river as a token of love for their ancestors.

  • Water was being discharged from Gangapur dam in phases till noon. Initially, the flood waters, which were up to the waist of Dutondya Maruti, reached the neck in no time. As the flood waters rose at a tremendous space, the Ramsetu bridge was only a few inches short of floodwaters.

  • Ahilyaram Patangan, Old Bhajibazar Patangan, Mhasoba Patangan, Gauri Patangan, Rokdoba Patangan, Kapurthala areas of Godaghat were submerged.

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