Goda activists oppose borewell trial of kund water

Write to Smart City CEO, NMC commissioner
Goda activists oppose borewell trial of kund water
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Godavari-lover and activist Devang Jani has strongly opposed proposed move of the Nashik Municipal Corporation to conduct borewell trial of the water level of historic Kund at Goda Ghat. A work for the removal of cement-concrete from the basin of the water body at Goda ghat is currently underway.

"The natural streams and natural water sources beneath the basin of the Goda ghat are getting revived. But a lot needs to be done on this through more study," said Devang Jani in his letter to the NMC commissioner and the authorities of the Smart City.

Under the Smart City project, Rs. 65 crore have been allocated to de-concretise the basin of the Godavari river to regain its lost glory and revive its natural streams, ancient kund.

It fundamentally involves removal of cement-concrete from the bottom of the river bed. With the work for the removal of the concrete is under progress, it is now evident that the natural water source of the ancient ponds is getting revived.

The natural water streams seem to be in good condition and are on the reviving mode even after the 19 years of bed concretisation work. Surprisingly, the water level in this basin area is seemingly rising.

Efforts are being made by the contractor to dry the river basin by removing the water from it. But he is falling short of his efforts and the work to remove cement concrete is further getting delayed due to frequent interruptions.

While there is an example of live water streams existing in the river basin, a trial bore is being planned by the municipal corporation to check the existence of natural water source in the river basin near Ramkund and Ahilya Devi Kund.

Activist Dewang Jani and Goda lovers have objected to this and have opposed the proposed borewell trials at natural kund. Earlier, they had written a letter to the CEO of Smart City and the Municipal Commissioner opposing the trial. They have also demanded an inspection from the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) and the Central Water and Power Research Station on the revival of ponds.

As many as 17 natural springs of Peshwe-era and which has mythological significance were buried under the river basin due to conctetisation work undertaken by the municipal corporation before 2003-04 for beautification of the Goda ghat. This had destroyed biodiversity existing in the river basin and had stopped natural flow of water developing out of 17 natural springs.

In this phase of work, out of the 17 natural ponds, natural springs in ponds of Anamika, Dashashwamegh, Ramgaya, Peshwe and Khandoba are likely to be revived. This will help restore biodiversity and reduce threat of flash floods.

The ancient kund have revived and natural water streams are visible due to ongoing removal of concrete from the river bed. While even if this is clear, a bore trial is being conducted at this place to check the water level. We are against it and have given a letter to the CEO of Smart City and the municipal commissioner.

- Devang Jani, Goda lover

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