Goats in a farm

Decrease in prices of coriander leaves bunch
Goats in a farm

NIPHAD: With a lost hope of getting a good price to the coriander leaves crop, a farmer Sharad Jadhav, from Palkhed Mirchiche Village in Niphad Tehsil, let the goats in the farm to feed on the crop.

The coriander leaves bunch has dropped its price in the market to up to Rs 4 which is very less than the production cost. The farmer had sown coriander leaves in his farm at Rs 18,000 and in return, is getting a price of Rs 5,000.

Unable to meet the gap and the rising debts, he decided not to sell the crop as transportation cost is also not affordable. Unseasonal rains and now falling prices of crop has increased the woes of the farmers.

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