Gite’s Sena entry will be a setback for BJP

Gite’s Sena entry will be a setback for BJP

NASHIK: Prathamesh Gite, the Deputy Mayor of Nashik and son of former MLA Vasant Gite, will quit the BJP soon ahead of NMC election. Gite himself informed about this while talking to the Deshdoot. While MP Sanjay Raut was on a tour of Nashik yesterday, Gite called on the Sena leader at Hotel Express Inn giving a big blow to the ruling BJP.

The saffron party has not yet responded to this visit. It is seen that Shiv Sena has started preparation to regain control over Nashik Municipal Corporation. In the meantime, all political parties have started preparations. From time to time, senior party leaders hold meetings, visit various political events and activities and also hold back-door meetings of the party workers.

During the government of former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, the BJP had wrested power from MNS in Nashik. Now Sanjay Raut himself has paid attention to the Nashik Municipal Corporation elections. He has given another jolt to BJP. Former BJP deputy mayor Prathamesh Gite met Raut. Gite’s entry into Shiv Sena has been confirmed.

Although the date of joining the party is yet to be decided, Gite himself, while talking to Deshdoot, said “I met Raut. My entry into Shiv Sena is certain. At the right time I will join the party,” The sudden political development is considered to be a big blow to the BJP and it is expected that the rulers will have a big challenge ahead.

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