GIS mapping in progress for civic facilities

Door-to-door survey in old Nashik area
GIS mapping in progress for civic facilities

NASHIK: According to the guidelines of the Central government, the work of GIS mapping (Geographical Information System) of all the civic facilities of old Nashik (Gaothan) in the area-based development (ABD) area which comes under the Smart City is in progress by Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation. An innovative initiative to provide civil services on a single platform with the help of information technology is being implemented in the city.

GIS mapping will be done for structured digital recording of civic services of Nashik city, utility measurement and planning of future civic amenities. The information obtained through GIS mapping will be available on the municipal website and digital application. Through this survey, accurate information about water channels, rain drains, underground electric channels, internet cables, and sewage channels will be obtained.

GIS mapping is a technology used in various developed cities around the world. Through this technology, comprehensive information about the current network of services is available, helping in future planning and solving the problems faced by the citizens. This technology will also help in the maintenance and renovation of these facilities.

The GIS mapping work will be done at the primary level in the areas that will come under the ABD of Nashik Smart City i.e. Panchavati, old Nashik and Gangapur Road area.

In this, some basic information will be collected from door-to-door visits and it will be recorded on the app. The Smart City employees coming for this work will be provided with an identity card. The information provided by you can contribute greatly to the development planning of Nashik city. GIS Mapping will be important for well-planned operation and maintenance of all services.

Questions to be asked:

  • Name, address, phone number, etc, of the original owner of the property.

  • Information related to the property such as house tax, water cess, land area, etc.

  • Detailed information about tap Connection, sewerage, electricity connection, power backup, parking, fire extension, lift, rainwater harvesting, and drainage.

  • Information about the current use of the property, commercial, private, government, personal, resident, non-resident, etc.

  • The information will be recorded in the mobile app and the Geo Tagging photo of that house will be taken.

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