Girl saved by civil hospital after coin got stuck in food pipe
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Girl saved by civil hospital after coin got stuck in food pipe

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik: A team of doctors from Nashik District Civil Hospital conducted a successful surgery on a nine year old girl and saved her life. On Saturday midnight the doctors removed a coin from food pipe of the girl, which was stuck. The girl from isolated Awalpada of tribal tehsil of Surgana was saved by the doctors.

The girl named Payal Ashok Warade from Surgana swallowed a one rupee coin when she was playing at her home. The coin got stuck in her food pipe and she started feeling uneasy. Within no time the girl had vomits and was suffocating. The girl was coughing continuously, the parents then immediately took her to the rural hospital of Surgana.

As the ENT is not available at the hospital she was shifted to private hospital, but the hospital refused to admit Payal due to her condition and risk factor, said her parents. The parents around 12:30 pm reached the district hospital and admitted Payal. The doctors immediately took action and ENT doctors Dr Sanjay Gangurde and Dr Shelake inspected the girl and took her x-ray.

On Saturday midnight around 1:30 am both the doctors with endoscopy used Laryngoscopy technique to removed the coin. The parents started crying after they heard voice of their daughter. They thanked the doctors for their efforts and saving their daughter. The district civil surgeon Dr Suresh Jagdale also appreciated the efforts of doctors.