Ghantagadi workers return lost money

Ghantagadi workers return lost money

Nashik Road

As it is the festive season the work of cleanliness is going on in every household. In this mess, a housewife’s cash of Rs 5,000 inadvertently went into the Ghantagadi along with the garbage. But after some time the Ghantagadi employees noticed the situation. They honestly returned the cash to the woman. The employees are appreciated.

Ranjana Bhalerao, a woman from Jail Road, Pimpalpatti Road, was cleaning her house for Dussehra and Diwali when cash of Rs 5000 from her fell into the dustbin.

Bhalerao threw the garbage into the Ghantagadi after the vehicle passed its scheduled time.

When she noticed that her cash was also thrown along with the garbage, she quickly informed Om Bobde, Rahul More, supervisor of Tanishk Enterprises about this. When they got in touch with the driver Ganesh Salunkhe and workers Umesh Koli, and Pitambar Alkari of Ghantagadi No. MH 15FFQ 0362 of this area, the workers separated the garbage in the van and recovered an amount of Rs 5000 in cash. This amount was immediately returned to Bhalerao. Citizens of the area appreciated the workers and expressed their gratitude.

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