Garbage van issue still pending

Garbage van issue still pending

Municipal Commissioner's stand awaited

NASHIK: The issue of NMC’s Ghantagadi contract, which has gone from around Rs 200 crores to Rs 350 crores, has not been resolved. The decision regarding the same is pending for the last four months. However, there is growing suspicion that the administration has not taken a clear stand on the issue.

Although the Municipal Commissioner has changed, the issue of Ghantagadi does not seem to be resolved in any way. The focus is now on what stand the new municipal commissioner will take on the issue. It is learned that the tender process for the new garbage vans of Rs 354 crore has not been completed yet, due to which the old contractors have been given another three months extension.

The Solid Waste Management Department has submitted a proposal in this regard to the Administrator and Commissioner Ramesh Pawar. The contract for the municipal ghantagadi has become controversial as the NMC is spending hundreds of crores on it.

The change in the tender conditions for the participation of certain monopolists and with the help of officials had put the tender process in doubt. After the implementation of the tender process by the Municipal Corporation, the controlled rates were in four sections and the excess rates were in two sections. Therefore, NMC had started a new tender process for Panchavati and Satpur.

The Solid Waste Department had opened the tender and submitted a proposal for awarding new contractors to six departments. It has also been approved by the Standing Committee. However, as this process has not been completed yet, it is time to give repeated extensions to the old contractors.

The term of the existing contractors of NMC has expired on 4th December 2021. Due to the non-completion of the tender process for new ghantagadi, the first extension was given for one month. Again, as the process was not completed on time, these contractors were given an extension till March 31, 2022. Now, the extension has also expired and as no proposal for new contractors has been received yet, the Solid Waste Department has again submitted a proposal to the Administrators and Commissioners to give three months extension to the old contractors. Therefore, what the Commissioner decides on this proposal is now under consideration.

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