Gangapur dam's water level rises

Gangapur dam's water level rises

NASHIK: The water level of the Gangapur dam has risen by three per cent overnight. At present, Gangapur dam is 85 per cent full. Due to declining rainfall in the Gangapur dam area, no water discharge has been planned yet. Meanwhile, Jayakwadi has been greatly relieved as the water level of the Gangapur dam has been steadily rising. The water level in the Gangapur dam water complex has increased.

Currently, there is 78 per cent stock. Gautami Godavari is 69 per cent full, Kashyapi is 58 per cent full and Alandi dam is 98 per cent full. The Palkhed dam water complex has 46% water storage. On the other hand, the water level of all the three dams in the dam complex has increased. Palkhed dam has 75% water storage, while Karanjwan dam has 35% water storage and Waghad dam has 65% water storage.

The Harnbari dam in the Girna dam water complex is 100 per cent full and 1643 cusecs of water is discharged into the Mosam river. Chankapur dam is 43 per cent full and Kelzar dam is 74 per cent full. Girna dam has 42% water storage, while Nagasakya does not have even a per cent water storage yet.

On the other hand, water is being discharged from Darna dam, Bhavli dam, Waldevi and Nandurmadhyameshwar. It is discharging more than 1000 cusecs of water from Nandurmadhyameshwar, 65 cusecs of water is being discharged from Valdevi, 150 cusecs from Darna and 135 cusecs from Bhavli dam.

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