Gangapur dam holds 49% of water capacity

4% more water than last year
Gangapur dam holds 49% of water capacity

NASHIK: Due to satisfactory rainfall in August and September last year and subsequent heavy rains, the current water stock in Gangapur dam stands at 49% as against last year’s 45 per cent. This means there is 4% more water stock available compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. While cumulative water stock in the district dams stands at 30% as against last year’s 35 per cent, which is 5 per cent less.

Citing availability of present water stock in the Gangapur dam, Mayor Satish Kulkarni had assured citizens of no water cut at this juncture and had appealed to save water to avert water cut in the near future. Due to the heavy rains last year, major dams in the district were filled to the brim.

As a result, today, water for drinking, irrigation and industry is being provided on demand, and for the purpose, frequency of water discharge has been made flexible accordingly. Currently, water is being discharged from Kashyapi in the Gangapur Dam Complex at the rate of 58 cusecs, Darna at the rate of 900 cusecs, Bhavli at 180 cusecs and medium size project Kelzar at 170 cusecs per second.

Water was also released from Karanjavan dam. Earlier, on the first day of 2021, the water was released by the Irrigation Department into Godavari canals for Rabi season and for Eklahare thermal power station. Manwhile, early forecast by India Meteorological Department (IMD) suggests that monsoon is likely to arrive on the Kerala coast on May 31, its normal arrival date and around June 10 over Maharashtra.

Monsoon for this year is likely to bring the normal amount of rainfall at 98% of the long period average (LPA), the IMD said. India recorded aboveaverage monsoon rains for two consecutive years, and a normal season this year will significantly help the agriculture sector in particular, and the economy in general, following a year when the pandemic has stressed earnings of all the sectors.

Discharge (In cusecs)

Kashyapi 58

Darna 900

Bhavli 180

Kelzar 170

Water stock (In %)

  • Gangapur - 49

  • Kashyapi - 17

  • Gau Godavari - 12

  • Alandi - 14

  • Palkhed - 10

  • Karanjavan - 18

  • Waghad - 04

  • Ozarkhed - 28

  • Punegaon - 10

  • Tisgaon - 04

  • Darna - 25

  • Bhavli - 28

  • Mukne - 23

  • Valdevi - 72

  • Kadva - 18

  • NM weir - 100

  • Bhojapur - 11

  • Chanakapur - 410

  • Haranbari - 53

  • Kelzar - 29

  • Nagasakya - 06

  • Girna - 39

  • Punad - 14

  • Manikpunj - 00

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