Making Ganesh idol
Making Ganesh idol
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Ganesh idols to cost more

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


As many restrictions have been put on Ganeshotsav celebrations this time, idol makers and sellers are largely affected by this. Due to unavailability of raw material, lord Ganesh idols likely to cost more. Their prices may increase by 25%. As there is no permission to set up stall, lord Ganesh followers have to purchase idols directly from idol-makers or through booking online.

As idol-makers did not get raw material especially colour and soil due to lock down, the prices may increase. As government has imposed many restrictions on Ganeshotsav celebrations considering current crisis, the festival has to be celebrated in simple way this time.

Lord Ganesh idols having two feet are allowed. Idol-makers have started to create idols after relaxations in lockdown rules. Only 50% idols will be made this time. This may lead to increase in idol prices. They can be increased by 20-30%.

Government has permitted to make idols from Plaster of Paris this time. Some environmentalists are preparing idols using black and red soil. Lord Ganesh followers should come forward to support environment conservation through this, they have appealed.

We could not make idols for three months this year due to lockdown. We did not get raw material. As we get raw material in some quantity, we will make less idols. We will suffer huge loss due to restrictions on Ganeshotsav celebrations.

- Sandip More, Idol-maker, Nashik

We have taken initiative for installation of environment friendly lord Ganesh idols this time. On the backdrop of this we will sell those idols online which are prepared by our colleague Dr Amol Kulkarni using red and black soil and having seeds of flower trees. An arrangement will be made to deliver idols at home after online registration. Idols will also be put on display at Gaidhani Wada in Main Road area.

- Sarang Bhargve, Ankur Ganesh, Nashik

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