Game orders record inspection of 2063 Talathi offices

Game orders record inspection of 2063 Talathi offices

NASHIK: With a view to bring transparency and speed in the work of the revenue department and make the work of it more people-oriented and also help in settling the pending works, Divisional Commissioner Radhakrishna Game yesterday ordered inspection of the records in 2063 Talathi offices in Nashik division. The Divisional Commissioner has instructed to conduct a thorough inspection of Talathi files in all the five districts of Nashik Revenue Department.

The Revenue Department is the backbone of the administration and the general public is always in touch with the Talathi office which is responsible for handling and updating all types of land related records and documents. The Talathi record contains a number of records such as 7/12 extracts of ordinary farmers, changes, government land rewards and records of Vatan lands.

If the talathi records are checked in time and the errors in it are dealt with in time, it will definitely help to solve many problems at the village level. Game hopes that this will reduce the number of disputes and claims in the lower courts. Game had recently issued a detailed order to inspect the Talathi files and a workshop was also held recently for the revenue officers on how to conduct a thorough inspection of the files.

Matters like crop inspection, 7/12 computerization will also be scrutinized in Talathi records inspection. The records inspection will examine various issues including various village samples, pending changes, registration of government, inheritance and reward lands.

Inspection will help resolve land related matters

The Talathi records will be inspected by all the sub-divisional officers and tehsildars of all the five districts of Nashik division as well as other senior officers of the district. Prompt action will be taken to update the government records by rectifying the errors found in this scrutiny. Talathi records inspection will help in resolving land-related complaints and queries of common farmers and citizens.

Special attention will be given in this inspection to ensure that changes and land related works are not pending without any compelling reason. An app will be developed for records inspection using modern technology, which will be used to review the work on a regular basis.

Process to complete in three months

There are a total of 2063 Talathi offices in five districts of Nashik division. There are 222 talathis in Nandurbar district, 225 in Dhule, 501 in Jalgaon, 532 in Nashik and 583 in Ahmednagar district. It is planned to inspect the files of all these talathi offices and this process will be completed in the next three months.

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