Fuel prices on fire

Crude oil price down
Fuel prices on fire

NASHIK: The fuel prices have gone skyrocket in city as well as in state. The petrol prices have gone upto Rs 108.56 per litre while the diesel has gone upto Rs 97.50. The experts have suggested that the fuel prices are expected to increase further. Though the prices of crude oil in the international market have gone down, but the country is still facing the fuel price hike. The government said earlier that fuel prices depend upon the crude oil prices in the international market.

The supply has gone down while the demand is same for the fuels. The instability in the Gulf countries have resulted into fuel price hike. In the last few days the price of petrol alone have gone up by Rs 1.17 to, while dieasel prices have gone up by Rs 2.42. The common man is suffering the burns of fuel price hike in state and country, and Nashikites are no exception to that.

The spread of Covid-19 has already affected the business jobs and daily wages of people. The people who are already suffering, the increase in fuel prices will add on to their pain. Very soon the diesel prices are expected to hit the hundred rupees club and will join edible oil and petrol. The commodity prices are expected to increase as the transportation costs will increase due to fuel price hike. The government has already given sign that the fuel prices will increase further.

Companies monitoring fuel prices

In the UPA government, before 2014, the government used to give subsidies to the fuel companies to make the prices stable for the common man. After 2014, the NDA government removed the subsidies and also took out the control over the fuel prices. Now the fuel companies decide the fuel prices on daily basis as per the fluctuation in the international market.

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