Fuel prices continue upward trend; Motorists express displeasure

Diesel crosses Rs 80 in many cities
Fuel prices continue upward trend; Motorists express displeasure
Fuel price hike


Fuel prices, which had been stagnant due to lack of demand during the lockdown, have started rising rapidly after the lifting of restrictions and the beginning of the Unlock phases and are now on track to touch 100-mark.

In the last 19 days, the price of diesel has gone up by Rs 13 and petrol by Rs 11. Inflation is expected to rise due to rising fuel prices.

The last few years have seen a sharp rise in petrol and diesel prices, which have seen huge differences in rates. In particular, petrol and diesel prices have now come to a similar level.

Before the lockdown in the state, the price of petrol was Rs 79.25 and diesel Rs 68.75 on February 1. In the months of April and May, as the citizens were locked inside their home, the demand was at its lowest.

As a result, the rate had come down by Rs 3, but as it started moving towards Unlock in June, petrol jumped upwardly from Rs 78 to Rs 87.

Diesel, on the other hand, has matched petrol price from Rs 65 to Rs 77. With petrol and diesel prices going up by 15 to 20 paise per day, motorists fear that the rates will touch Rs 100-mark in the near future.

The plight of rickshaw drivers

The government has allowed rickshaw owners to drive with two seats. However, due to the skyrocketing price of fuel, it is becoming difficult to drive in just 2 seats. As the driver's fare ends up in the petrol, it becomes difficult to pay the balance at home.

A question has been raised by Vetalbaba Rickshaw Drivers Union on how rickshaw owners should live and make their both ends meet. The union has also demanded that the government should immediately reduce taxes and bring down the rates.

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