Frequently Asked Questions about lockdown

Frequently Asked Questions about lockdown

NASHIK: A strict lockdown has been enforced in the district for 11 days from 12 noon today to curb Covid-19 pandemic. There prevailed confusion among the citizens regarding the regulation. Deshdoot Times got many calls from citizens asking what is allowed and what is not. We have attempted to answer some of these questions after consulting the authorities.

1) Can vegetable vendors sell vegetables on handcart?

Municipal Corporation will fix the place for the sale of vegetables. Vegetables can be sold during the time fixed in the circle drawn at that place. Vegetables can also be sold on handcarts. But there should not be a violation of Covid-19 related norms and rules.

2) Can milk be delivered to homes?

Preferably, milk sellers should visit home to deliver milk.

3) Is it possible to get petrol and diesel?

Fuel will be available for essential service vehicles. It will be mandatory to show the identity card for this.

4) Will auto-rickshaws continue to run? Auto-rickshaws can be used in emergencies for medical purposes.

5) Can one step out for vaccination?

Citizens can go out to get a vaccine But they should go to the centre if they receive a message. Don’t rush to the vaccination centre unnecessarily.

6) Can lunch boxes be delivered at home?

Boxes for home quarantined Covid patients and their family members can be delivered to the home by the NGOs.

7) Can maids come to work?

Except for medical emergencies and essential duty staff, other people are asked to stay home.

8) Can I go to work in MIDC?

Employees and workers of those companies which are continuing their operations or engaged in the production of essential services can go to work. It is necessary to have an identity card with them.

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