Free 7/12 extract copy to farmers from Oct 2

Free 7/12 extract copy to farmers from Oct 2

Talathis to ensure home delivery

NASHIK: After giving the authority of NA to the Tehsildar, now the government has decided to give the farmers their 7/12 extracts or Record of Rights (ROR) at home, that too, free of cost. The home delivery will start from Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti next month.

The Government of Maharashtra, Department of Revenue and Forests has decided to provide a computerized, digitally signed free copy of the 7/12 extract to the farmers of the state on the occasion of the amrut anniversary of the country’s independence.

India is an agricultural country and the agricultural sector has played a major role in the economic development of the country and the state till date. Also, in Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of Swarajya, that is, complete independence, agriculture was the cornerstone of all development. Therefore, the updated version of 7/12 extract has been made simple for all concerned to understand.

This year is being celebrated as the 75th year of independence. Against this background, considering the contribution of farmers in the economic development of the state, updated copies of the 7/12 extracts or ROR obtained with computerized digital signature from the agenda developed under the Digital Land Records Modernization Programme, e-Mahabhumi, will be home delivered from the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2, 2021.

A special campaign will be launched in villages to provide free extracts door to door to every account holder through the respective Talathis. It is the responsibility of the Settlement Commissioner and the Director, Land Records to provide the necessary technical assistance to all concerned.

The expenses incurred for making available the copies of the updated 7/12 will be made available from the funds of the District Setu Samiti and will be the responsibility of the District Collector. However, an updated copy of the extracts will be made available to one account holder only once for free.

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